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Point Mystic

Aug 8, 2021

While the sun is shining and the islands of the bay are as perfect as a postcard, it's hard to imagine what happened in this cove. The thing that finally scared Fox into telling us about Gnarwhal. He cannot explain the strange events that occurred the day he returned here to look for the waterhorse with the intention of...

Jun 21, 2021


What makes a monster a monster? Is it difference, as some believe? Is it about the harm a monster causes another? What I have learned is that monsters are often not what they seem.



Written by: Christopher Reynaga & Marguerite Croft

Produced by: Christopher Reynaga

Story Development...

Dec 27, 2020

If you have heard our independent radio show, of magic, mystery and the unexplained then you know there is a place and a secret that has been kept from all of us. Now discover the real story behind Point Mystic...  

"The first sign that calls you to Point Mystic you might dismiss, but you couldn't mistake the second....

Nov 1, 2020


The same day that Fox encountered the Mystic Water Horse, a 12 year old boy went missing in our small coastal town. He had told his father that he was going to meet a friend out on the edge of Point Mystic but he never arrived at his destination.

He has disappeared without a...

Sep 13, 2020


In the waves beneath the lighthouse, Fox's life is saved by one of Point Mystic's most famous and infamous mythological creatures. One that some believe to be a protector of this place, and that others believe to be a curse to all who see it.

Written and Produced by: Christopher Reynaga