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Point Mystic

Oct 2, 2016

As we launch  the podcast version of our radio show, we had planned to rebroadcast our most popular episode from our twenty years of stories behind the magic, the mystery and the unexplained. This is not it.

We’re not sure where this episode came from, an episode dated just days ago that depicts the end of the world. I did not record this, and our world is not on fire. We are broadcasting this for you now, uncensored, in its entirety.


If you have been listening to the news since the highly contagious, Draco Incendia Trychophyton or “Dragonscale” began to spread, you know what kind of panic the world is in…

Point Mystic, Season 1, Episode 0: “The Fireman” (Featuring Joe Hill, and Martha Quinn).


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