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Point Mystic

Dec 27, 2020

If you have heard our independent radio show, of magic, mystery and the unexplained then you know there is a place and a secret that has been kept from all of us. Now discover the real story behind Point Mystic...  

"The first sign that calls you to Point Mystic you might dismiss, but you couldn't mistake the second. Not if you have ever been to the light at the end of the world. 

It's a sensation that begins with the growing feeling that you belong somewhere else. Somewhere that doesn't make sense. Maybe you are standing  on the edge of the woods or an abandoned field, or your own back yard. And behind you is the world you know. A world you are standing on the edge of, with all the light and the chatter, the furrowed faces and routine voices of everything you have ever known. You might even like that world, love the people in it. But in your heart, you know that you don't really fit. That you have always been on the margins of it, looking for a way in that you cannot find.  

And, inexplicably, you sense the way out there. You feel it like a sensation in your chest, pulling you forward. You sense it like a familiar voice that's called your name, somewhere just beyond the trees. And you want to follow that voice. And if you have the courage to listen to it, you begin to walk into the unknown, and away from the bright lights of civilization behind you."  

This and other Point Mystic Community episodes are available at our "A Home By The Sea" exclusive Patreon content level and above. There really is a secret of Point Mystic - one that you can be a part of. Join us at