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Point Mystic

May 19, 2019

Tristan reveals the path he found to the Light at the End of the World. Together he and Lily begin to discover this legendary place that connects to all other worlds, in our final part of the Secret of Point Mystic.

Mar 17, 2019


Tristan and his friends embark on a dangerous journey to find their way to someplace safe, and discover others who are searching for “The Light at the End of the World.”

Feb 3, 2019


As the world descends into chaos and the widows trap and devour everyone that remains in Las Vegas, Tristan reveals the one thing that kept him and his friends alive... The principals of video games. 

Dec 24, 2018


Tristan, the man who arrived at Point Mystic in a sinking rowboat tells his story of what can only be another world, and another America, devoured by monsters.  As the world descends into darkness, Tristan is visited by a prophetic dream that will begin his harrowing journey of...

#TryPod Bonus: Point Mystic Presents: The Dark Tome

Nov 2, 2018

We’re hard at work on our next chapter of Point Mystic, but I want to share something special with you.  During the month of March, Point Mystic and hundreds of our fellow podcasts such as Welcome to Night Vale, Criminal, and Fresh Air would like to ask you to share the gift of your favorite …